ANNIE GRACE SABIN - March 30, 2010 - August 1, 2010

ANNIE GRACE SABIN - March 30, 2010 - August 1, 2010


Saturday, March 30, 2013

He Is The Reason

Annie would have been three today.

She would have played with her cousins at the family party this afternoon.

She would have hunted for eggs and eaten way too much candy.

She would have an Easter dress lying out for church tomorrow; one that matched her sisters.

She would have blown out the candles on her birthday cake and we would all be eating her favorite flavor of ice cream tonight.

The pink balloons that we sent to heaven last night would, instead, be all over our house.

She would have snuggled up with our family to watch a movie tonight.

She would have been three...

We all miss her so much.  A couple of months ago, I found this note that Ellie had drawn/ written:

As evidenced by this sweet note, Annie is never far from our thoughts and hearts.  She is very much a part of our every-day family life and always will be.  I love that her birthday is on Easter weekend this year.  It feels so perfect to celebrate the life of our daughter today and the life of our Savior tomorrow... to celebrate them together.   It is perfect because He is the reason that we can celebrate her.  He is the reason that I didn't cry ALL day today.  He is the reason that we can move forward with hope and happiness in our lives, knowing that someday, she will be with us again.  It is perfect to celebrate them together this weekend, but, in truth, we always celebrate them together. 

Because He lives, she will too. 

He is The Reason.


  1. Great message Amy! Sweet Annie....what a reunion you will have with her and your family! Thank heavens for the Savior and the hope that the Resurrection brings! Your testimony and strength are so wonderful and shine so bright for so many of us! Happy Birthday Annie.....

  2. Amy-you're words hit just really close to home for me. We celebrated Joshua's 4 month birthday the day after Easter. It really was wonderful to celebrate both my little boy and my Savior together, but I love how you say that we always do. It is so true. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. I've been thinking of you guys so much this last month and your precious angel Annie. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers--what a great gift the Resurrection gives to all of us!

  4. Amy- I was thinking about you and Annie today. It has been a while since I visited the blog so I wandered in and my life has been blessed. You are a wonderful mother and your testimony of the gospel has strengthen mine. Thank you for your gift of words and understanding of the plan of happiness. Home seemed a long ways away feels a bit closer now.
    Our love to you and Cameron.
    Holly and David